Our Guarantee


Schedule an appointment and share any Licensed General Contractor’s or other Kitchen and Bath Dealer’s written proposal, outlining and fully describing all the products and services with their price for your project.

We will review our proposal against theirs, looking for who has the best value for the proposed price.  Let the chips fall where they may. If we come out on top, then you will be assured you got a good value for the price of your project.

If our competition comes out on top and I can’t provide you with a competitive price that you are comfortable with, I will pay you $100.00 for your time to review the competitor’s proposal with you.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide our customers with professional service, quality craftsmanship, and help them lower the cost of their kitchen and bathroom remodeling services.

By saving the customer money from expensive Kitchen & Bath dealers and protecting them from the risk of poor service and/or quality of the unlicensed handyman or the less experienced contractor, we will provide our customers with the best overall value for their kitchen and bath remodeling.

Our Company Objectives to Provide Professional Customer Service:

1. Educate our valued clients to make informed choices.

2. Meet the client’s needs by providing creative, affordable and interesting design solutions.

3. Enrich the client’s lifestyle by creating a space that meets their needs, making life easier for them.

4. Save our client’s money by keeping our overhead costs low and suggesting less expensive options.

5. Provide professional service: Detailed typed contracts, do as we say and keep the client informed.

6. Provide Quality Craftsmanship, keeping the jobsite clean and completing the project on time.

7. Protect our customers from the high price of the larger kitchen and bath dealers and the risk of poor service and low quality from the less experienced contractor or unlicensed handyman.

8. Produce an attractive project by choreographing all of the materials for quality, style, and color coordination to provide an aesthetically pleasing environment, looking good even 20 years later.

9. Enhance the value of their home. A carefully considered project should return most of the costs by increasing the home’s value.

10. Develop a quality friendship offering each client free lifelong remodeling consultation.

Use the Contact Us page to sign up for a FREE in home No Obligation project consultation. During this consultation we will provide design ideas, cost saving tips and help you discover a realistic investment strategy for your project.

Or call us at: (619) 277-8916
Ask about our $500 Design Discount.

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