How We Work

Before the Project

  • We show up on time, providing you with a FREE in home project consultation.  Our goal is to spend quality time to meet with you, learn about your family’s needs, and discuss all of your important project details.
  • Establish realistic project budgets in a timely manner. First, we must determine a potential project scope of work; then we can assess a realistic preliminary budget for your project.  We find that attempting to price the unknown and guessing at a number is usually not very accurate or professional.
  • Once hired, we will provide creative and affordable design solutions. We verbally discuss different design ideas with you.  Then, with your approval, we will work together to fully develop a design scope that meets your needs.  Along the way, we will routinely suggest cost effective alternatives as we work to maintain your project budget and provide the solution of the greatest value.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable design assistance. We educate our clients about the many different material and product choices so you can make an informed choice as a valued consumer.  This will also help you to get the best value for your remodeling investment.
  • “Our Best Value Pricing Assessment & Assurance Guarantee” At no charge, we provide a follow up appointment helping you to examine all of your bid proposals.  We will professionally show you where the better price may be found, providing you with the best overall value.

During Your Project Construction

  • Keep our clients informed with their project schedule and all construction related details.It is very important for us to manage our client’s expectations. We find this maintains a smooth running project for all of us.
  • We provide quality workmanship we will all be proud of.  We take great pride in producing quality results. There is a marked difference between installers and craftsmen.  This work will remain for many years for you and others to enjoy and it will have our name on it.
  • We keep your job site clean, neat and orderly. We will respect your home! It has been said that a clean job site is a happy, productive and safe job site.

After Project Completion

  • Attractive, modern kitchens and baths. Your project should stand the test of time looking good even 20 years later.
  • Enriched lifestyles. Your project will improve the quality of your life, where the new space meets your family’s needs for many years to come.
  • Enhance the value of your property. A quality “well thought out project” will pay you back for most of your investment with your remodeling.
  • We provide prompt follow up. After the project completion, we want to be your friend and will continue to be your remodeling partner and consultant for life.

Contact us to sign up for a FREE in-home no-obligation project consultation. During this consultation we will provide design ideas, cost saving tips and help you discover a realistic investment strategy for your project.

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