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How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Really Costs?

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Really Cost?

Bathrooms are easily the most expensive room per SF to remodel. They average bathroom easily contains as many as 30 to 40 different products all with both material and installation costs. Pricing easily varies around the country but in our area the South West, San Diego to be exact. The Cost versus Value report published each fall in the remodeling magazine shares that for a small average bath in our area costs about $19K. This means some are less and some are even more. I tell clients that 12K to 18K is typical and that $20 to $25K is very possible.

What is the Lowest Possible Price for a Small Bathroom?

About four years ago I did a work up for the lowest possible bathroom cost for a simple 8′ by 5′ bathroom and still have it professional installed it was about 8K then probable would cost about 9K now. Obviously we looked at using very economical priced materials that included: a stamped steel tub, plain white tile tub walls a rod and curtain (no shower door enclosure), low cost chrome plumbing fixtures, a simple 24″ or 30″ oak vanity cabinet, the medicine cabinet was the mirror, vinyl flooring and the $89 box store lowest price toilet special. If it was a flip and sell dwelling then maybe but in someone’s own home by the time they add the things they really want and expect in today’s remodeling world the starting price realistically is $12 to $15K.

If it is a shower stall add at least an additional $1K and a shower door adds even more. Many people want the brushed nickel finishes this add at least $500 to even a $1000 to the price tag. Then maybe you want ceramic tile flooring, cherry cabinets or a medicine cabinet and a mirror and a better quality toilet. Well each of these also adds to the price even further.

Can We Do the Bathroom One Area at a Time?

You can break down the bathroom into three major areas and do them individually if needed. The tub shower area is easily the most expensive portion at about 40 to 50% or $6 to $9K+ of the budget or cost. The vanity alcove or corner including: a cabinet, top, bowl, lavatory faucet, mirror, medicine cabinet and light fixture is about 30 to 40% or $4 to $6K+. The rest of the bathroom: the flooring, toilet, accessories and maybe a vent fan is the about 15 to 20% or about $2 to $3K. This break down yields a $12 to $18K total approximate project cost.

Remember this was a simple small bathroom with a single lavatory bowl and a small 30″ or less vanity. If it has a double lavatory bowl add another $2K to $3K+ for additional cabinets, counter top, lavatory bowl and faucet plus more mirror and a bigger or second light fixture or medicine cabinet.

A larger master bathroom retreat; falls into a completely different category and easily start at about $35K and can be $60K or more. Powder rooms or half bathrooms are not very common but do exist can still be remodeled for about $5 to $7K+.

These are typical numbers found in most US remodeling markets. It has been at least 20 or 25 years ago that we could tell a client that there bathroom would only cost $5 to $7K.

Call us if you have any questions we offer No Cost in home consultations where we can further answer any remodeling questions you may have and discuss a realistic price range for your project.

Remodeler Best Practices: Meeting The Client’s Budget

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Most clients approach the remodeling process with some sort of budget in mind or at least a maximum expenditure that they don’t want to go over.

During the design process, it is the responsibility of the design and remodeling contractor to develop a plan that meets the client’s design expectation and stays within a realistic budget. This is not always as easy as it seems. There are always surprises with any remodeling project such as the discovery of mold or faulty electrical wiring that needs to be redone. Additionally, a client’s vision of the project might not always fit within their budget. For instance, certain high-end finishes such as rare tiles or custom cabinets can raise the overall price of the project.

The design and remodeling consultant must be honest with the client. It is up to the remodeler to let clients know what is possible within their stated budget, or how much certain demands will add to the cost of the project.

In this economy, design and remodel firms are under a lot of pressure to tell clients exactly what they want to hear. Some companies lowball a client with an initial price quote for a job and then add incremental costs throughout the project.

As a client, be wary if you receive multiple project quotes and one seems too good to be true. While it may be tempting to pick the lowest offer, it might not actually turn out to be the best value in the long run. I highly recommend that you seek a remodeler who is honest and will be upfront about the cost of your project. This firm should speak with you extensively about the project before determining a quote and should be able to explain costs when asked.

Also, remember that cost is only one factor you should take into consideration when choosing a design and remodeling contractor. It’s also important that the contractor is a good fit for your project and your personality.

If you are confused about varied quotes for your remodeling project, we’d like to help. K B Design and Remodeling provides a free service where we evaluate different quotes and determine which is truly the best option for your project.

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