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10 Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid #2

Tip #2 Don’t waste storage space. Tip #2 Don’t waste storage space. Kitchens typically contain lots of stuff. Not only that, but kitchen items are often oddly shaped and require a lot of space, such as food processors or stand mixers. Finding a home for your kitchen stuff while keeping it easily accessible can be […]

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10 Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid (intro and tip #1)

In this next blog series we will share an excellent article I uncovered with very valuable information regarding kitchen design mistakes to avoid. We will post one design tip at a time so stay tuned for all 10 in this series. First I must give credit to the original author: Andreea of Freshome Design & […]

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How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Really Costs?

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Really Cost? Bathrooms are easily the most expensive room per SF to remodel. They average bathroom easily contains as many as 30 to 40 different products all with both material and installation costs. Pricing easily varies around the country but in our area the South West, San Diego to […]

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Remodeler Best Practices: No Pressure Sales

Design and remodeling contractors are under a lot of pressure in this down economy to bring on new projects. This doesn’t mean, however, that we should transfer that pressure to you!

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Remodeler Best Practices: Meeting The Client’s Budget

During the design process, it is the responsibility of the design and remodeling contractor to develop a plan that meets the client’s design expectation and stay within a realistic budget.

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Contractor Best Practices: Free In-Home Consultation

An in-home consultation allows the contractor to discuss your vision with you in depth and to assess your remodeling project with you.

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Contractor Best Practices: Listening

I consider listening to be the number one best practice for a contractor. Every client has a vision for their home, and it is the contractor’s duty to understand and share this vision. Of course, in most cases, the vision needs a little clarification and fine tuning, and that’s where the contractor can really shine.

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Top Reasons To Remodel A Kitchen

With all my years in the remodeling industry, I’ve come across plenty of different reasons why clients ultimately decide to remodel their kitchen. That said, most of the reasons fall into three main categories. Keep reading. Do any of these problems apply to your kitchen? If so, we’re only a phone call away!

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A Master Bath Makeover Can Help Sell Your Home

If you’re selling, then you need to find a way to make your home stand out. One easy way is to spruce up your old or tired master bath. Just a few cost-effective changes can turn an ordinary or lackluster bath into an inviting haven of relaxation and pampering.

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Levels of a Kitchen Remodel: Conclusion

So there you have it folks. In a nutshell of six blogs, I’ve reviewed the major categories of a kitchen remodel and included general pricing for each category.

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