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Published: March 24, 2011

Choose The Right Remodeler For Your Project

You’ve got a mysterious pain in your foot. Who do you go to? A cardiologist? A dentist? No, you go to a podiatrist, a doctor who specializes in feet.

Just like you would go to a foot doctor for a foot problem, a heart doctor for a heart problem and a dentist for a toothache, you need to make sure that you choose a remodeling contractor who specializes in the type of remodel you are planning for your house.

Experience and expertise count with your body and with your home.

There are many specialties within the remodeling industry. For instance, K B Design and Remodeling is a design and build firm that specializes in remodeling kitchen and baths. Other remodelers focus on landscaping, living rooms and whole house renovations. You’ll also find a lot of “generalists” on the market, but be careful. A generalist may not have the depth of experience to handle the complexities of your specific project, especially if an emergency arises.

When assessing contractors for a remodeling job, always ask to see an extensive portfolio of their work. Make sure anyone who bids on your project has done multiple projects similar to yours. If possible, I always recommend getting permission to call a contractor’s previous clients to learn exactly how the contractor works.

If a contractor you are considering has never done a project like yours before, be extremely cautious. You are putting your project at a much higher risk of errors, miscommunication, surprise price hikes, and unsatisfactory results.

An experienced contractor who specializes in your type of project will be able to communicate clearly with you, set your expectations appropriately, give you a solid time estimate, and price out the project correctly. Even if he or she costs a little more, a specialist could save you a lot of headaches during your remodel project.

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