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Published: June 1, 2011

Design And Remodeling Team Breakouts: Drywall Sub-Contractor

The drywaller is pretty important, because drywall is the outward surface of every wall and ceiling in most houses. The primary duty of a drywaller is to hang and anchor drywall. He or she must also cut and form the drywall to allow for electrical and plumbing functions.

The drywaller also repairs existing drywall that may have been damaged or altered as part of the remodel. Repairing drywall means hanging sheet rock and taping and finishing the texture of the new sheet rock to match the existing drywall. Trying to match drywall texture is an art unto itself, and it takes a talented craftsman to pull it off with professional looking results.

Of course, the best drywallers are the ones the customers don’t notice. All they see are smooth, stable walls and ceilings.

Over the past ten plus years, K B Design and Remodeling has been fortunate to have built a solid team of experienced and passionate sub-contractors and tradesmen, which is no small feat! It is a very special team, and we want take this moment to thank all the great men and women who work with us to help make our customers’ dreams come true!

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