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Published: May 18, 2011

Design And Remodeling Team Breakouts: Plumbing and Electrical


Any area of your home that involves water is the domain of the plumbing sub-contractor. Both bath and kitchen remodels require a plumber to relocate drains and hot and cold water supply lines, hook up the tub or shower pan, install faucets, lavatories, shower trim, the garbage disposal and dish washer and even add or relocate gas supply lines.

This job requires an experienced licensed subcontractor who can get pipes around other barriers and hooked up to the correct place without any leaking.

It’s a lot of work and, like a good drywalling, good plumbing is nearly invisible in a completed remodel. A customer only knows that the water comes on when a faucet is turned, the toilet flushes and the dishwasher works. These are the calling cards of a good plumbing sub-contractor.


When a remodel is in its early design stages, the designer and electrician will work closely together on a lighting plan to achieve the lighting effects that will meet the client’s needs as well as the needs of the space itself.

Once the remodel begins, it’s up to the electrician to implement the lighting plan. This includes removing, relocating and adding new electrical outlets and dedicated circuits to a room. Kitchen and bath remodels in older homes, especially, usually require additional outlets to support our appliance-heavy lifestyles.

An electrical sub-contractor must always be highly sensitive of the danger involved in placing new electrical lines and work closely with the plumber and drywaller to make sure there is room for everything within the walls of the kitchen or bath.

When a customer comes home from a long day of work, flips a switch and watches all the lights come on, they can thank the electrical sub-contractor for his or her hard work.

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