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Published: May 11, 2011

Design And Remodeling Team Breakouts: Project Manager

During a kitchen or bath remodel, it can seem like there are just a lot of random guys tromping around your house. It may be difficult to understand what each individual person is doing, but they each have a very special task that contributes to the final outcome of the buildout of your space.

The strength of a design and remodeling firm comes from the skill and cohesion of its team of sub-contractors. Each person is a necessary part of your remodel, and only together can they successfully complete the entire project. The next few posts will highlight some of the individual craftsmen who make up our remodeling team. We’ll also explain how each group contributes to the design and remodeling of your project.

The project manager is the captain of the crew and will guide the remodeling project from start to completion. He or she is often the general contractor, though larger firms may hire a project manager who reports to the general contractor.

The project manager, often the lead carpenter, usually possesses multi-trade skills learned through many years rising through the contractor ranks. This depth of experience allows the project manager to bring the rest of the team together, confront and solve issues and stick to the remodeling project’s original budget and timeline.

The project manager will also get his or her hands dirty throughout the build. You can often find them demolishing existing structures, removing or adding walls, relocating windows and doors, prepping the room for other sub-contractors, hanging cabinets, accessories and trim, and finishing up any last bits and pieces as the project moves toward completion.

Teamwork is how most large projects get done, and the remodeling industry is no exception. A beautiful new kitchen or bath is the result of many talented individuals each bringing an important skill to the table. From the drywaller to the plumber, electrician, specialty finishers and project manager, each person is necessary for the project to succeed.

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