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Published: May 25, 2011

Design And Remodeling Team Breakouts: Specialty Finishes

One of the key features that really sets a room apart and allows a homeowner to make a space their own is the finishing materials that accent the room: ceramic tile back splashes in the kitchen, granite countertops, stone tile flooring, marble showers, custom bathroom mirrors, etc…

Each of these different types of finishes requires a dedicated craftsman who understands how to plan, design, cut, place and cement the finishes in place. For example, vinyl flooring requires a very different type of workmanship than ceramic tile. Every remodeling team requires specialty finishing suppliers and vendors, so that clients can confidently choose exactly the type of finish they want for their bath or kitchen remodel.

The quality of workmanship on a room’s finishings has a huge impact on the room’s overall feel and ambiance. This requires a seasoned expert who has an artistic eye to appreciate how the finish will support the design of the room and the technical know-how to turn a pile of raw materials into a beautiful finish that customers will enjoy for years to come.

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