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Published: April 2, 2011

Quote Confusion

Trying to compare price quotes for your remodeling project can be nearly impossible

Just like snowflakes, no single remodeling price quote is exactly the same. Every remodeling and design agency operates differently, and these disparities are reflected in how they break out their services, what they choose to quote and what may be missing from the price of your project quote.

Confusing quotes can leave you frustrated and unable to make a qualified pricing comparison between competing vendors. So what can you do to get the most comparable quotes possible?

Clarity is the key. Create a written overview of your project. Include as many details as possible about the current state of the area you want remodeled (size, structures in place, age of home, etc…) and the results you are looking for. If possible, break your project into separate pieces that your contractor can quote individually (ex. install new cabinets, replace tile floor with wood, add granite countertops).

Breaking your quote into pieces will help you understand the cost differences between vendors for individual items and may be especially useful if the overall quotes are too disparate to make a valuable comparison.

I recommend running your project overview by at least one or two remodeling contractors before you send it out for bids. Ask them for any questions they have about the project, anything they find confusing, or if they think something is missing. Getting this feedback will allow you to avoid confusion on the part of the vendors, so they can give you the most solid quotes possible. If everyone knows exactly what services you want, their quotes will be much more comparable.

At K B Design and Remodeling, we offer a FREE proposal assessment service. At no cost to you, we will decode and compare the remodeling job proposals you’ve received from other vendors and show you which is truly the best price. If we can’t offer you a competitive bid, you may get to take home $100. Read more about our assurance guarantee.

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