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Published: June 9, 2011

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Communication During a Remodeling Project is Crucial to Customer Satisfaction

If I were to list out all of the components required to pull off a successful remodeling project, near the top of my list you would find the word “communication”. Good communication is critical from the moment a perspective customer dials my number, throughout the entire remodeling project and beyond.

The Start of a Project

Most clients have a vision of what they want their finished room to look like.  Maybe they’ve been dreaming of their new kitchen for years, or saw the perfect bathroom in a home design magazine. Whatever they’ve been dreaming of, it is our job to listen carefully, provide an honest price quote and, if we are chosen for the project, to translate that dream into reality.

The Build Out or Remodel

Throughout the build out process, the client is apprised of the job’s progress.  In my case, I always have my cell phone on me and check my email regularly. I also have used the old-school technique of leaving a pad of paper at the job site. If I have a question or need to communicate with the client, I’ll write a note on the pad. The client can review and respond when they have time and write their own questions or comments.

For certain large-scale remodeling projects, I also request weekly meetings with the client to update them in person on how the project is moving along and to explain the next steps of the project.

The purpose of this communication is the make sure the client is informed at all times about the status of the project and that they are able to get a hold of me or my team with any questions or concerns at any time.

Project Completion

Even after the buzz saws have gone quiet and all the hammers have been put away, communication remains integral to the successful wrap up of the remodel project. After the room is complete, I will do a walk through with the client, allowing them to point out any areas of concern.  If problems do crop up, I will schedule a finish person to make any final adjustments that may be needed, based upon the client’s feedback.

About a month after the project is complete, I follow up with the client one more time. Now that they’ve had a chance to move in all their furniture and actually incorporate the room into their lives, I want to make sure they’re still 100% happy with the outcome of their project.

The K B Communication Commitment

Our goal at K B Design and Remodeling is to keep our client so well informed that they seldom need to call us with questions about their project.

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